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in summa innovation: why and who?

We are proud to provide the best CAE simulation software.
In Summa Innovation is the exclusive MSC Software agent in the Benelux and part of the In Summa Technology Group.
MSC Software’s portfolio consists of high-quality Simulation Software. Its strong brand and reputation in industries such as automotive, aerospace and electronics spans more than 50 years.

We help our customers with tailored solutions and services, all with a personal approach. Our engineers work with numbers, but we won’t treat our customers like numbers!
Besides the software itself, our committed, highly-experienced team also offers support (project assistance, benchmarking & trainings).

MEET Our Team

Mathijs Pont

An engineer by heart, but equipped with a commercial mindset. Mathijs has gained experience with new, exciting technologies like metal, composite, and plastic Additive Manufacturing, but he also loves the conventional, robust ways of getting things done. Also, he is a huge fan of rugby.

Serge van den Heuvel

Graduated as mechanical engineer at KU Leuven in 1993. Serge has over 25 years of experience in international sales management.
Serge’s experience covers the entire business spectrum : technical, sales, marketing, business development, P&L, investments, whilst he has carried the responsibility for strategy, market entry and local branch creation in China, India, Japan, Korea, US.
Serge is very passionate about the climate discussion, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and cycling.
His motto ; “mens sana in corpore sano”.

Maarten Oudendijk

Maarten holds a degree in Computational Mechanics and likes to help customers perform nonlinear simulations. He prefers riding a bike over driving a car.

Marcel Edelkamp

Since 1980, Marcel has worked in the CAE industry, where he participated in the evolution of MSC Software GUIs from the time when only black and white terminals existed. Marcel can be approached for any MSC Apex, Nastran, Patran, licensing and hardware related questions and also for benchmarks and services.

Saeid Khalafvand

PhD in Mechanical engineering (Thermal and Fluids) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (jointly trained at University of Pittsburgh) and worked as a research scientist in The University of Texas and TU Delft for several years. His experience and education has focused on the numerical analysis using different techniques and tools. His ambition is to employ his engineering and research background to improve the quality of life through developing novel technologies. His experience covers a variety of topics including numerical modelling techniques (i.e. FVM, FEM and FSI) and experience in different multi-disciplinary projects (i.e. Biofluids, Biomedical Eng., Medical assist devices).

Noël Bijl

Noël Bijl, MSc. is senior technical consultant with In Summa Innovation since May 2020. Until May 2020, Noël worked on international level for Fokker Aerostructures for over 15 years as a finite element key-user, and for over 8 years as a functional support manager responsible for the stress applications in use at Fokker Aerostructures and later GKN Fokker.
At In Summa Innovation Noël is getting acquainted with other MSC products like Marc/Mentat, Nastran Embedded (Vibration) Fatigue, CAEfatigue and so on. His goal is to support In Summa Innovation’s many customers and provide them high-level services.


Maaike van Lienden

Graduated in Mathematical Engineering in February 2020. At In Summa Innovation she found the challenge she was looking for; a dive into the world of Simulation Process and Data Management. Likes to use her mathematical precision for baking pies.  


Jurgen Thier

A professional who takes care of all financial accounting so that the rest of the company can focus on the core business. Jurgen makes sure the figures are correct, always available for our team and presented to the authorities on time. Creating a calm environment and a clear overview for everyone involved in driving the business forward.

Melissa Mehlbaum

Went from Student to Specialist. Started at In Summa Innovation for her graduation internship (studied Oriental Languages & Communication – Japanese). During, she got infected with our passion for tech so she just had to stay, despite little technical knowledge.
Likes cooking (& eating), travelling (Japan is her 2nd home), fitness and snowboarding. Loves to learn about all the cool and geeky products and projects our customers create. Always looking for a way to add some creativity in a high-tech world.

Anton van Daal

Owner of In Summa. Has pretty impressive tennis skills. Anton loves to help companies innovate, save cost, improve quality, and test as well as shorten time2market using MSC Software Simulation.
A very curious guy by nature with a profound interest in the galaxy, he mastered the sociotechnical (re)designing of production environments at the Technical University of Eindhoven, combining people and technology. Anton believes that simple solutions are always the best ones. With In Summa he’s working towards a more sustainable world.

Inge Barendregt

Besides personal growth and working result-oriented on projects for our customers, we also feel it’s important to keep the In Summa team spirit. Drinks, a day out, interactive knowledge sessions…. “The more fun you have in your job, the better you perform” is our motto. Technical, high-quality solutions and outstanding service is what makes In Summa. This, combined with an informal working atmosphere and a healthy dose of ambition is what makes In Summa Innovation a challenging employer! 

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A single pool of tokens you can use across MSC Software

Simulation Modeling & Result Viewing

Apex Generative Design

Generative Design for additive manufacturing


Direct Modeling for Simulation


Multi-physics result visualization



Materials Simulation & Modeling

Material Center

Materials Management & Compliance



Structural Simulation & Modeling


Comprehensive pre & post processing


Multi-discipline structural analysis


General purpose Non-linear FEA 


Explicit dynamics & fluid structures

CAE Fatigue

Comprehensive fatigue simulation



Multi-body Dynamics, loads & forces

Easy 5

Advanced Controls & Systems Simulation

Thermal & Fluids


Conceptual EDA thermal simulation


General Purpose Thermal & CFD


Thermal/CFD for Electronics, Architecture, etc.


Thermal/CFD for Electronics, Architecture, etc.


Multi-physics result visualization


Scalable Thermal Simulation



Acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and aero-acoustics



Sheet metal formability & costing (FTI)

Simufact Welding

Welding manufacturing process simulation

Simufact Joining

Self piercing rivet simulation

Simufact Forming

Manufacturing process simulation for forming

Simufact Additive

 Metal-based additive manufacturing process simulation

Engineering Lifecycle Management


Materials Management & Compliance


Simulation data & process management

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