Training Program


As your designs, products and projects grow, we grow with you!
As an engineer, you need to ‘stay in shape’ to be able to continuously design & create the best.
Therefore we believe proper training is ever so important. Luckily, we’re able to offer trainings in various ways, flavors and levels.
Learn & discover in the way you want to!


Request a (personal) product-independent training


E-learning means aquiring new skills and knowledge at your own pace & convenience. Hexagon offers an extensive array of courses for most products in the portfolio. From the very basics to the more advanced, and up to date with latest features.

Want to know more about e-learning? View the brochure on Hexagon’s website.


When e-learning just does not fit you/your colleagues. Sometimes learning together with and from someone is better than learning on your own!

In a paid Fundamentals Training our expert engineers will help you and your colleagues start with a new product/technology. You’ll get familiar with the software and are trained to start working on your own projects.

Added benefit is that the engineers guiding you through the basics, can help you further on in your learning process. The same engineers will help you with your support questions and train you so you can confidently design & engineer on your own.

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We keep repeating it; Every day is a chance to learn something new! And this is true for even the most experienced of engineers.

Whether it’s more getting to know complex features or finding better, more efficient ways of working. In a paid Advanced Training you’ll deep-dive into technical details.

Download our training guide below, or register for a training above. Hope to see you soon!

Updates & Releases

For if you truly wish to stay up to date and would like to go with the times. Hexagon’s developers dedicate to continuously improving our software.

New features, functionalities, and integrations help you design & engineer new features and functionalities for your own products and projects.

The more up-to-date you and your colleagues can be when it comes to complex software, the more efficient your work will go – it’s that simple!

Usually, half a day with some refreshments included are all it takes to stay updated.

Get in touch with us to learn about the latest.

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Everything from Fundamentals of CFD, to Simulation Data Management, to Structural Analysis with legacy tools like MSC Nastran & Patran. For beginners and students to experienced engineers. Customized to suit your specific situation and questions, or ‘old-school’ together in a class full of enthousiasts. Online at your convenience, on-site together with your colleagues, or at our office with a nice lunch/dinner.

It’s all possible! Get in touch – fill in the form above and we’ll make sure your trainings will be truly informative & inspiring!

 Have a look at our full training program. You can download it below by leaving just your name & e-mail.