Design & Engineering Day

Let’s explore what’s new & what’s next in CAE through inspiring presentations and interactive sessions

2+ years of Teams-ing, Zooming, and online webinars have made us eager for some
real life interaction with our engineering community.

In Summa & Hexagon are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our Design & Engineering Day on 29 September at Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven for:

Inspiring Presentations: Product updates, Innovations (ML/AI/AR/co-sim), Trends (sustainability, smart manufacturing, data management), Synergies between products & portfolios, Success Stories

Interactive Sessions: Demos, Roadmaps, Q&As, Technical Deep-dives

Followed by the possibility to engage with engineers, experts & peers for dinner, drinks & demos!

📅Thursday 29 September 2022

🕑14:00 - 20:00

🚩Brainport Industries Campus, Eindhoven, NL

The planning, speakers and other details for this  Design & Engineering Day will gradually be announced. Stay tuned and follow our LinkedIn to get updated.


Brainport Industries Campus logo - Event location for Design & Engineering Day

Inspiring Presentations

Updates | Trends | Innovations | Synergies | Success Stories

The agenda is not yet complete but will be updated soon.

Mathijs Pont | COO @In Summa

Welcome to our CAE day!

Guillaume Boisot | Head of materials & Enterprise Simulation Solutions @Hexagon

From MSC Software to Hexagon Design & Engineering: Introduction & vision

Nicolas Jalbert | BDM Machine Learning Solutions @Hexagon

Machine Learning, the Beginning of a New Era for CAE
Real-time engineering | Connectivity with Hexagon Solvers | Industrial compatibility | Roadmap

Adrie Bout | DM Marc @Hexagon

Recent development in implicit nonlinear FEM technology
Contact | Remeshing algorithm | ROM | Material Modeling

Bart Vandevelde | R&D Project Leader @imec

CAE simulations for research in nano-electronics and digital systems
CFD for advanced processor cooling |
Non-linear thermo-mechanical FEM for 3D-Integrated Circuits | Vibration simulation of electronic modules for automotive and industrial equipment |
CAE-based reliability assessment of PCBs for space applications

Koen Bezemer | Consultant CFD, MBD, ML @In Summa

Introduction to System- & Multi-body Dynamics
Dynamic Analysis | Adams Modeller | Romax – Adams Intergration & Synergies | 1D, 2D & 3D Static and Dynamic Drivetrain | Rotational analysis

Virginie Turc | BDM Cradle CFD @Hexagon

Unleashing Productivity with Smart CFD Software
Augmented Reality | Meshing | Productivity | Co-simulation | Multiphysics | Machine Learning

Alexis Talbot | Acoustic simulation specialist @Hexagon

Define application-specific workflows for a higher level analysis with Actran Workflows
Recombine components | Pass-by noise | Electric motor noise | Vehicle damping pads positioning

Alina Lysak | NVH engineer @Lightyear

In-wheel motor noise and pass-by noise using Actran 
In-wheel motor noise | pass-by noise | NVH

Bernard Alsteens | Materials Engineering Expert @Hexagon

The Materials Digital Transformation, a key ingredient to speed-up innovation and design process

Bram Noordman | R&D engineer @NLR

Effect of fiber waviness defect on composite coupon compressive strength and stiffness
Effect of defects | fiber waviness | composites | virtual testing | Digimat-VA | physical testing

Tobias Menke | BDM Forming Technologies @Hexagon

Manufacturing Simulation as Input to CAE
Manufacturing Analysis | Cost optimization | Sheet metal forming | Mapping Results | Virtual Assembly

Noël Bijl | Senior Technical Consultant @In Summa

Speed up your CAE work with MSC Apex
Sol400 integration | Bolt preloading | Geometry Cleanup | Mid-surfacing | Geometry from Mesh | Process automation

Mathijs Pont | COO @In Summa

Closing & invitation to Dinner & Demos!

Interactive Sessions

Demos | Q&As | Roadmaps | Deep-Dives 

Koen Bezemer

CFD, MBD, ML & Co-simulation

Noël Bijl

Structures – Linear & Non-linear FEA, meshing, modeling

Nicolas Jalbert

Machine Learning

Bernard Alsteens

Material Engineering, Data Management

Alexis Talbot

Acoustics, NVH

Tobias Menke

Virtual Manufacturing & Costing, Metals, AM

Virginie Turc

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Adrie Bout

Non-linear FEA

Explore what's new & next in:

your favourite simulation software

Marc for non-linear FEA

remeshing | contact algorhitm | AI/ML | synergies

Cradle software for CFD

Augemented Reality | AI/ML | co-sim

Actran for Acoustics & NVH

Pass-by noise | Electric Vehicles – EVs | Combining workflows | Flow noise computation | Machine Learning

ODYSSEE for Machine Learning
MSC Apex for Virtual Product Development
Digimat for Material Modelling
MaterialCenter for Material Data Management
Simufact software for Metal manufacturing

Metal binder jetting | Direct Energy Deposition Method | Welding | Forming | Metal Additive Manufacturing

Forming-suite software for Metal Manufacturing & Cost Optimization

Cost optimization

Adams for Multi-Body Dynamics

Adams Modeller | Synergies with Romax (rotation dynamics) | transient non-linear analysis

Romax Technology for Rotation Analysis

Synergies with Adams (multi-body dynamics) | static & steady-state dynamics | bearing skidding | Gear Data Exchange

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