DIGIMATUM 2019 is a unique opportunity to obtain real word know-how on competitiveness and gain performance into your product lifecycle! Join us and our customers to exchange on how we can make the use of composites more affordable and predictable!

The conference program includes Customer Advisory Board, Executive Dinner on September 30, 2-days of technical presentations from customers, Digimat experts and technological partners on October 1-2. October 3 will offer the possibility to follow a Digimat training and to meet with our technical team members to discuss your topic of interest.

Topics include; Digital Twin, 10x Material Solution, Data Lifecycle Management, SFRP, CFRP, Additive Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Universities, R&D, OEMs, Tiers & Material Suppliers.


Key Highlights from Last Year
210+ material experts
18+ exhibitors
36+ speakers
3 workshops
2 trainings
Networking & discussions 

 This year’s agenda will host the best-in-class presenters from the industries, among all automotive, aerospace, additive manufacturing, as well as material suppliers from around world.

Day 1 – Oct 1

Session 1
10x Material Solution
Dr Roger Assaker, e-Xstream 
Session 2 KEYNOTE 

Session 3

SFRP – Material Suppliers, Tiers, OEMs

  • Using Digimat to model thermo-elastoplasticity in short fibre reinforced plastic automotive sensor components (Russell McKee, Sensata)
  • Anisotropic modeling of creep/stress relaxation of PA66 GF50 for an automotive safety component (Carlo Grassini, Radici)
  • TBD (Yuki Fujita, Asahi Kasei Corporation)

Session 4

Automotive Applications

  • Integrated process simulation and structural analysis of Solvay thermoplastic composites (Frederic Lani, Solvay Group)
  • Advanced Material Modeling (Alan Wedgewood, Dupont)
  • One Step Ahead: Digital Twin of a Reinforced Plastic Connector (Sonja Werner, TE Connectivity)

Aerospace Applications


Digital Twin

  • Improving simulation results with smart sensor values (Daniel Knoblauch, Apodius) 
Universities and R&D


Day 2 – Oct 2

Session 1 KEYNOTE

Session 2

Additive Manufacturing

  • Simulating 3D printing – a massive breakthrough in toolpath optimization towards zero failure printing (Paul Heiden, Ultimaker)
  • TBD ( Sebastien Pautard, Safran Group)
  • TBD (Guy Van Melbeuke, Solvay Group)
Session 3 MaterialCenter
Session4  Tech Partners 



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