With over 400 sessions to choose from and an overall positive and productive vibe, our agendas at HxGN LIVE 2018 were packed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and our brains were stuffed with information every day. On top of that, Las Vegas was a phenomenal and extremely fit location for the conference, which was hosted at The Venetian. In this case, what happened in Vegas should definitely not stay in Vegas. Allow us to share our experience with you!

Many divisions, one major group

Hexagon is a cluster company that consists of a variety of aspects, industries, sub-companies, and divisions. Yet, the event made us feel like we all belonged to one major group. Everyone was very welcoming and open to new kids on the block such as MSC Software and Autonomous Stuff.

As for the sessions, each Hexagon division had its own track: a thread of sessions within the division’s theme. In addition, there were independent sessions on customer cases or scenarios involving Hexagon products. What we noticed during the sessions was that people were very aware of the fact that MSC Software has been recently added to Hexagon’s portfolio.

MSC Software: strategy for the coming years

On Wednesday morning, Paolo Guglielmini presented the strategy outlines for MSC Software for the coming years, which turned out to be fully in line with our own ideas. In summary, it is as follows:

  1. Development focus on MSC Apex will be maintained.
  2. MSC Software wants to address customers’ problems using specific tools rather than development platforms (which other companies are developing).
  3. The LEAF (Liquid Engineering Application Framework) concept will be rolled out, which means that valuable functionalities developed through APEX will be implemented in the other GUIs.
  4. A Co-Simulation hub is being created, which will allow easier co-simulation with Marc and Cradle, for example.
  5. The team will expand tremendously: development engineers from across the globe will be recruited.

What was In Summa’s takeaway?

Overall, HxGN LIVE was very inspirational and gave us a big confidence boost, especially with regard to MSC Software’s development in the coming years. It was great to learn about the sheer size of the Hexagon group and to see the range of opportunities for collaborating with other Benelux business partners. We believe that presenting Paolo’s strategy to our customers can imbue them with confidence in MSC Software, both in the near and distant future, and it will undoubtedly create nice opportunities to work on!

Curious about those opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss them with you.