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Predicting a product’s behavior, saving cost by removing superfluous materials, completing all required steps in the R&D process, and eliminating risk: that is what In Summa Innovation does for its customers, both through simulation software and services.



It’s 1963, and NASA professors McNeal and Schwendler want to test satellites. A costly, infeasible endeavor, so they decide to write a computer program to conduct virtual tests. Shortly afterwards, MSC software is born. Fast forward to a few years later: companies widely start using this ingenious simulation software – which has now been adapted to fit the needs of the commercial market – as it saves them a great amount of time and money.

Today, nearly every business in the moving industry that works with a physical product uses simulation software. From automotive to high-tech and 3D printer manufacturers: they all want to predict the circumstances under which their product may break. Moreover, they are looking for ways to make it safer and less expensive by removing or replacing materials.


Once engineers have the right tools, they can start innovating – hence our name, In Summa Innovation. Our small, committed, highly experienced team offers companies high-quality MSC software in two ways:

  • Simulation software
    Businesses use our MSC software for their product simulation purposes.

  • Services
    Companies hire our engineers for a variety of solutions, such as project assistance, benchmarking, or on-location training courses.



In Summa Innovation’s pillars? High-quality MSC software tools, one-on-one contact, and brainstorming sessions with engineers to solve complex issues. Moreover, increasing our – already comprehensible – knowledge base on a constant basis is of vital importance to us.

As the exclusive MSC software agent in the Benelux and as part of the In Summa Group, we have extensive experience in working with SMEs and corporates alike. Our customers are never treated like numbers. We get to know them and come up with solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your opportunities.

MEET Our Team

Anton van Daal

Owner of In Summa. Has pretty impressive tennis skills. Anton loves to help companies innovate, save cost, improve quality, and test as well as shorten time2market using MSC Software Simulation.
A very curious guy by nature with a profound interest in the galaxy, he mastered the sociotechnical (re)designing of production environments at the Technical University of Eindhoven, combining people and technology. Anton believes that simple solutions are always the best ones.

Marcel Edelkamp

Since 1980, Marcel has worked in the CAE industry, where he participated in the evolution of MSC Software GUIs from the time when only black and white terminals existed. Marcel can be approached with any MSC Apex-, Nastran-, or Patran-related questions, benchmarks, services and the like.

Dr Michel Azoulay

Upon completion of his PhD in Dynamics and Computational Engineering in Loughborough University in the UK, Michel worked as a simulation engineer in the defense industry for several years.
His extensive consultancy work included multibody dynamics simulation, advanced nonlinear & multiphysics mechanical simulations for defense, aerospace, and transportation industries. Michel is also involved in presales, training, support, and consultancy using MSC Software products for In Summa Innovation customers.

Maarten Oudendijk

Maarten holds a degree in Computational Mechanics and likes to help customers perform nonlinear simulations. He prefers riding a bike over driving a car.

Mathijs Pont 

An engineer by heart, but equipped with a commercial mindset. Mathijs has gained experience with new, exciting technologies like metal, composite, and plastic Additive Manufacturing, but he also loves the conventional, robust ways of getting things done. Also, he is a huge fan of rugby.

Inge Barendregt 
HR Manager

Naast persoonlijke groei en resultaatgericht werken aan uitdagende opdrachten voor onze klanten, vinden wij het ook belangrijk om de In Summa “team spirit” te behouden. Borrels, uitjes, interactieve kennissessies….. “Hoe meer plezier je hebt in je werk, hoe beter je presteert” is dan ook ons motto. Technisch hoogwaardige oplossingen en uitstekende service is waar In Summa voor staat.Dit gecombineerd met een informele werksfeer en een gezonde ambitie maakt In Summa Innovation tot een uitdagende werkgever!

Ian Thomas

Specialties: Marketing, Business Development, Sales Leads Generation, Agile Software Delivery (adoption and improvement), distributed software delivery, business operational management, resource management, change management, organizational restructure and integration, solution consultancy, integrated program management & entrepreneurship.

Please contact me with any questions or to see how I can help your organization move forward: with training, support and engineering Services for all the MSC Simulation Software like Nastran, Marc, Adams, APEX, Actran, Simufact, Digimat, Cradle and much more.

Serge van den Heuvel

Graduated as mechanical engineer at KU Leuven in 1993. Serge has over 20 years of experience in international sales management, combining business acumen with the ability to guide and motivate a team to outperform itself.
Serge experience covers the entire business spectrum : technical, sales, marketing, business development, P&L, investments, whilst he has carried the responsibility for strategy, market entry and local branch creation in China, India, Japan, Korea, US. Serge is very passionate about the climate discussion, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. His motto;
“mens sana in corpore sano”.

Jurgen Thier

A professional that takes care of all the financial administration so that the rest of the company can focus on the core business. Jurgen makes sure the figures are correct, always available and presented the the authorities on time. Creating a clam environment and a clear overview for everyone involved in driving the business forward


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