In Summa Innovation for Aerospace

Make aerospace design to manufacturing smarter

With highly-skilled field engineers always available, In Summa Innovation, has the skills and capacity to help companies like Fokker aerospace with their aerospace design challenges.

Aerospace manufacturers and their OEM’s face enormous challenges to design, test and build their products on-time and on-budget. They are tasked with engineering products of the highest technical complexity which also must meet the strictest safety and performance requirements. Our engineering staff also has deep experience in the industry, so we have the know-how to help you apply our technology to your Aerospace products and systems.

We believe in an aerospace ecosystem where our products are embedded and digitally connected within our aerospace customers’ processes, to improve quality and productivity throughout every stage of designing. With the most trusted aerospace simulation solutions, we offer aerospace designers the capability to qualify new lightweight materials, utilise virtual manufacturing processes and improve aerodynamics to build the quieter and more environmentally-friendly passenger experience society demands.

Chained Simulation

Chained simulation allows CAE engineers from different departments to integrate multiple disciplines sequentially and improve the overall simulation accuracy. For example, passing the road loads data from an Adams Full Vehicle model to the downstream MSC Nastran model for the stress & durability analyses.

MSC’s Aerospace Solutions are used for

• Aircraft maneuver simulation

• Aircraft maneuver simulation

• Attachment interfaces

• Body and fuselage

• Ejection systems and stores separation

• Environmental control systems

• Jet engine nozzle

• Hydraulic controls

• Kinematics of landing gear & wing flaps

• Mechanical flight controls

• Turbo machinery

• Wing structure and deflection

Customer Testimonial: USC Viterbi School of Engineering, MSC Nastran and Patran