In Summa Innovation for Material Simulation

MSC Software’s extensive solution capabilities in composites and materials in general help to analyze and enhance complex material designs. The tools offered by MSC are ideal for numerous types of composites, namely, advanced composites, sandwich panels, plastics, nano composites, hard metals, ceramics, rubbers and much more. More than just software, MSC Software tools bring and organizes together the complete composite and material market, bridging the gap between manufacturing and performance. Allowing engineers to do both micro- and macro-scale analyses of composites, predicting how they will perform and calculating their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for use in all sorts of downstream FEA analyses.

In Summa Innovation can help you in implementing and understanding simulations of complex materials. Whilst MSC Software tools like Digimat & Material Center make it much more accessible, our engineers can guide you through these sometimes hard-to-achieve simulation processes like extrapolating from (or replacing) test-data.

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