Sayfield International

Dedicated to supporting the Benelux market in improving the quality of using Multi-Body simulations (also called MB-Simulations) as an advanced CAE simulation tool. Employees of Sayfield International have created and evaluated mathematical simulation environments since 1985. Since these days, extensive experience and knowledge were gained about the different aspects of this prototyping approach. In close cooperation with our partners In Summa Innovation and resources at MSC.Software we promote the use of CAE simulations (and MB-Simulations in particular) as an indispensable tool for all companies involved in Mechanical Engineering and production of products with moving mechanical components.

To reach this goal, our core activities are:

  • Providing MB-Simulation Software to the Benelux market
  • Providing user training to users at our industrial partners and at educational institutes
  • Providing simulation consultancy to our industrial partners
  • Customizing ADAMS to further improve MB simulation efficiency
  • Support our users for software products that we represent

Our experience has contributed to a work approach where evaluation and verification has become a key aspect before application of simulation results. Knowledge of pitfalls in using the virtually unlimited power of mathematical simulation tools is a crucial difference to less experienced researchers in this work area.

Local Expertise with Global Support

As with In Summa Innovation our ambition is to be as close as possible to our customers. This means that we can give the best support in using MSC ADAMS for modeling and simulation of mechanical products.

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D2S International

Engineers specialized in acoustics, noise, vibration and dynamics.
We offer specialised engineering and consultancy services for railways, buildings, civil structures, industrial and environmental applications.
The core competency of the company is designing new systems and engineering solutions for existing problems in the field of noise and vibrations. The activities can be segmented into railway, building and environmental and numerical simulations.

Numerical simulations apply to a wide range of engineering software to study the mechanical behavior and interaction of structures and systems across a variety of applications in the automotive, marine, railway and heavy industry. The level of sophistication involved in these simulations and the broad scope of the available software have attracted a diverse and loyal customer base.
D2S International prides itself at proposing cost effective solutions that are also low maintenance and thus contributes to low life cycle costs.

D2S International located in Heverlee just under the university city of Leuven in the heart of Belgium.

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