Like to go fishing in your spare time? The consequences for marine animals may be harmful. You’ve probably never thought about turtles when going on a little boat outing, but it affects them to quite an extent. Humans like to increase their fishing efficiency using synthetic materials, which leads to turtles getting entangled in mooring lines and cables. Lately, it has been happening more frequently, yet little is known about how this occurs. Moreover, it is difficult to measure. The burning question: With the scant information researchers have about entanglement, what can they do to remedy this problem and help the turtles?

Simulation: the answer to entanglement issues

Without proper measurement, simulating a reality we’re unfamiliar with – people aren’t there the moment when turtles actually get entangled – is a great alternative. To researchers, MSC Adams turned out to provide the solution. They used it to develop a computer model, so the entanglement could be simulated.

The behavior of adult leatherback sea turtles was accurately mimicked with MSC Adams. During the study, several alternatives to mooring lines were discovered while playing around with the physical properties of the line. Ultimately, the developed computer model led to an advanced mooring line which reduced the number of entanglement cases. The result: less stuck turtles!

Ready to save a turtle’s life?

Fascinated by the turtle entanglement story? Watch the full webinar on this case below. Got any questions about MSC Adams? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to explain anything you’d like to know.

Dr Michel Azoulay

Upon completion of his PhD in Dynamics and Computational Engineering in Loughborough University in the UK, Michel worked as a simulation engineer in the defense industry for several years.
His extensive consultancy work included multibody dynamics simulation, advanced nonlinear & multiphysics mechanical simulations for defense, aerospace, and transportation industries. Michel is also involved in presales, training, support, and consultancy using MSC Software products for In Summa Innovation customers.