Additive Manufacturing

  • MSC’s current offerings for engineers involved in additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers or metals are designed to optimize the 3D printing process in order to: reduce production costs, increase robustness/reliability and improve performance by optimizing design and printing parameters. MSC’s vision for the future is to provide a complete AM toolkit that helps companies to optimize their entire AM process chain – including CAE, selection of raw material, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Some of the challenges that currently exist in this space include ill-defined and poorly tracked process parameters, which leads to engineers running several print jobs against several parameters. This in turn leads to longer process development time, high amounts of material waste, and time wasted on printing parts that are unfit for service.
  • In Summa added value: we can provide live demo’s, on site guided sessions and even services (analyze the prints for you).
  • Key words: AM, Additive Manufacturing, SLM (Selective laser melting), FDM (fused deposition modelling), Simufact, Digimat.