On-target with… </br >Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing Process & Materials Simulation: In Summa Innovation’s plans for 2019

Dec 24, 2018 | blog

It’s almost 2019, and for In Summa Innovation, this means we’re readying ourselves to adopt a new approach to our areas of specialization, like Additive Manufacturing. In this blog, we’d like to give you a glimpse into our plans for the new year. Up until now, we’ve been dealing with a broad portfolio of simulation software. In 2019, however, we want to focus a more targeted message to specific users of the products in that portfolio. To achieve this, we’ll be focusing on 3 areas of special interest – Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Process Simulation, and Materials Simulation – whilst introducing MSC’s Cradle product for CFD. In this blog, we’ll elaborate on these areas and introduce two new co-workers who will help us achieve our ambitions.

Additive Manufacturing: less time and expenses, more value

Want to reduce production costs, increase reliability, and improve performance by optimizing design and printing parameters? Then Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides a solution. MSC Software’s vision is to provide a complete Additive Manufacturing toolkit that helps companies optimize their entire AM process chain. Current challenges include ill-defined and poorly tracked process parameters, which lead engineers to run several print jobs against several different parameter sets. This, in turn, results in longer process development times, high amounts of material waste, and time wasted on discovering that printed parts are unfit for service.

In Summa Innovation can provide full-service support for Additive Manufacturing simulations. From live demos of the many Simufact and Digimat capabilities, to on-site guided sessions with your technicians, through to a full-service solution so that you can focus on the rest of your business: you name it, we’ll arrange it. The result: less costly and time-consuming processes with a quicker ROI.

Manufacturing and Process Simulation: tailor-made solutions, top-notch results

Are you looking for simulation solutions for metal manufacturing process chains or plastic and composite manufacturing processes? MSC Software is the industry leader in these fields, providing solutions for metal forming, Additive Manufacturing processes, draping, molding, and milling, among other things. MSC Software’s product solutions optimize such manufacturing processes by reducing time to market and costs while consistently providing accurate results.

In Summa Innovation’s Manufacturing and Process Simulation solutions are tailor-made to ensure they’re the best fit for your processes. They enable your engineers to be self-sufficient, or, as a bespoke service, they ensure you’ll get top-notch simulation results for your specific processes.

Materials Simulation: expert guidance, seamless integration

Need to analyze and enhance complex material designs through Materials Simulation? MSC Software’s tools are perfect for a variety of composites, including advanced composites, sandwich panels, plastics, nanocomposites, and hard metals. They bring the complete composite and material market together and organize it, thus bridging the gap between manufacturing and performance. Using MSC Software’s solutions, engineers can carry out micro- and macro-scale analyses of composites, predicting their performance and calculating their mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

However, implementing and understanding complex materials and extrapolating from test data is often a difficult-to-achieve process. With In Summa Innovation’s expert guidance on Materials Simulation, MSC Software’s tools become much more accessible. Moreover, we ensure that you achieve a seamless integration of your CAE & simulation platform as well as integrity in the archives of your design, product, and simulation data.

New year, new people

To help realize our focus on Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Process Simulation, and Materials Simulation, we have welcomed 2 new experts who will reinforce our team – which, up until now, has consisted of Anton van Daal, Mathijs Pont, Marcel Edelkamp, Michel Azoulay, and Maarten Oudendijk. Please allow us to introduce them briefly.

Serge van den Heuvel, MSc.

Graduated as a mechanical engineer at KU Leuven in 1993, Serge brings 20 years of experience in international sales management to In Summa Innovation. In his new role as a senior account manager, he will combine business acumen with an ability to guide and motivate a team to outperform itself. Serge’s tasks will cover the entire business spectrum: technology, sales, marketing, business development, P&L, and investments.

Serge is very passionate about the current climate discussion, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources. His motto is: “Mens sana in corpore sano” – or, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Ian Thomas

Rotterdam-based UK native Ian, who’s lived in The Netherlands for over 20 years, will bring several specialties to his new position as a marketing and lead generation expert at In Summa Innovation. Marketing, business development & sales leads generation are areas that hold no secrets for Ian.

Ian’s motto: “Whilst not scared to run towards the fire, I always look to improve the process.

Those wishing to move their organization forward with either our training, support, and engineering services or MSC Simulation Software such as Nastran, Simufact, and Digimat should not hesitate to contact Ian directly.

Finally, we’d like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. In 2019, we hope to go on a stimulating simulation journey with all of you!

Dr Michel Azoulay

Upon completion of his PhD in Dynamics and Computational Engineering in Loughborough University in the UK, Michel worked as a simulation engineer in the defense industry for several years.
His extensive consultancy work included multibody dynamics simulation, advanced nonlinear & multiphysics mechanical simulations for defense, aerospace, and transportation industries. Michel is also involved in presales, training, support, and consultancy using MSC Software products for In Summa Innovation customers.