Simulation Software Short Sessions

A session of 15 to max 30 minutes
to learn a little bit about something new
on simulation software (CAE):

New technology/trends/innovations 

New products/solutions 

New features/releases

Because time is precious, but so is learning.
We’re keeping it short & simple for you 🙂 

Simulation Software Short Session |

No upcoming sessions at the moment. Stay tuned and follow our LinkedIn to get updated.

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Simulation Software Short Session | Manufacture & Manage Metals

Manufacturing or Managing Metals? Make the most out of your Materials!

What? Short intro of software that helps manufacturing & managing of metals efficiently: forming, welding, (virtual) assembly,  metal additive manufacturing, design optimization, cost engineering, material utilization, process planning, etc.

For who? Engineers and managers in the metalworking industry that work on: R&D, design, projects, processes, costs, quality, etc.

Why? Because material and metal shortages have been heavily influenced by the pandemic and other current events, with all kinds of difficulties and consequences that follow.

When? Monday, May 16th, 13:00 ~ 13:30

Where? Online, from the comfort of your own desk & chair

Tobias Menke

Director Business Development EMEA – FTI