Did you see the new Star Wars movie? If so, you will be familiar with the Crystal Fox. To bring this fantasy creature to life, a company named Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence created a physical robot model, which was then scanned with Hexagon MI systems to turn it into a 3D version. This ingenious technology is only part of the Industry 4.0 – and it so happens that we are in the middle of it.

Industry 4.0: connected and communicating systems

Let’s take a brief look at history to understand where we currently are. The first Industrial Revolution consisted of mechanization and the start of power consumption. The second encompassed the realization of mass production and assembly lines. During the third, computerization marked the departure of manual work and the introduction of automation. And now, the fourth Industrial Revolution is dawning. Industry 4.0 will give rise to one smart connected factory in which everything cooperates and communicates, and the creation of products is one integrated process.

Industry 4.0 means that the entire process from idea to product is monitored, managed, and optimized by software, sensors, and intelligent machines. As a result, each component will communicate with every other component, thus ‘knowing’ the exact status quo at any given time. This leads to one major manufacturing process, allowing for a perfect alignment of production and logistics.

In Summa Innovation is in the middle of this technological revolution because in February 2017, Hexagon acquired MSC Software. According to Hexagon’s CEO Ola Rollén, “MSC represents a game-changer in our mission to deliver actionable manufacturing intelligence, taking us another step closer to realizing our smart connected factory vision in discrete manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace.”

Curious about the solutions we have for you?

MSC Software can provide support in every step in your production process. Would you like to know what solutions we have to offer after working under Hexagon’s umbrella for nearly a year? In 2018, you can find us on many exhibitions, including TechniShow and RapidPro. Don’t want to wait? Contact us now!

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Mathijs Pont

An engineer by heart, but equipped with a commercial mindset. Mathijs has gained experience with new, exciting technologies like metal, composite, and plastic Additive Manufacturing, but he also loves the conventional, robust ways of getting things done. Also, he is a huge fan of rugby.