Materials are becoming increasingly complex, and testing them is getting more and more expensive. Furthermore, a growing amount of materials are used together as composites. Meanwhile, processes greatly affect your material’s behavior, and many engineers feel pressure from official bodies – such as the government and the European Union – to make everything lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable. The question is: Are you in full control of these issues? If the answer is ‘no,’ and any of the above applies to you, Digimat may be the solution to your hassle and concerns.

What is Digimat and why use it?

Briefly put, Digimat is engineering software that allows engineers freedom to develop and test new materials. They can use it to measure the influence of manufacturing processes without actually having to create the material. In essence, it is a materials platform that focuses on the materials you use, giving you the opportunity to explore what can go right and wrong by virtually testing and validating whether your material is good enough to use in practice. You can use Digimat to join materials virtually, thus avoiding the development of an entire production line that later turns out to contain errors. This can be particularly convenient when you use complex materials, such as woven materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic, or other multiphase composites. These make it difficult to predict cracking, for example. Digitmat helps you investigate such issues in advance, so you can incorporate your findings in the design.

Wondering if Digimat is compatible with the software you’re using? There’s no need to worry. It works perfectly with all major CAE/FEM and CAD software suppliers, so the platform is accessible to everyone who’s dealing with complex materials and products.

Get to work with Digimat!

Curious to learn more about Digimat? Watch the video below in which Roger Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream, gives a clear explanation.

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Mathijs Pont

An engineer by heart, but equipped with a commercial mindset. Mathijs has gained experience with new, exciting technologies like metal, composite, and plastic Additive Manufacturing, but he also loves the conventional, robust ways of getting things done. Also, he is a huge fan of rugby.